How to design a Playroom

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On April 13, 2017

“We have a spare room that we really want to turn into a playroom for our boys, aged 5 and 8. How should it be designed to suit both their interests?”
Leslie and Richard, Bristol

Playrooms are the new must-have for parents who have a bit of extra space and want to keep lego pieces and teapot sets away from the living room. It’s the one space that children know they can relax and be themselves and get lost in a world of imagination, play and fun. Also, having a playroom allows the bedroom to be reserved for quiet, wind-down time so sleep comes quickly without distractions!

What to consider

·      Before you get started designing the playroom, try to get some ideas from your children about what they would like and how they want to use the room.

·      Compromise is key here; you’ll need to think about how long you want the décor to last – they’ll eventually grow out of their Thomas the Tank Engine fascination and then you’ll have to start from scratch!

·      You also need to decide on your budget and think about whether you can do most of the work yourself or if you’ll need outside help.

Playrooms for Two

When designing a playroom for more than one child, it’s important to try to keep themes as common as possible.

Opt for a bold colour as a feature wall, such as red or green, or keep it modern with a light airy colour such as grey or white.

Kids love chalkboard. I tend to use magnetic white boards in my design projects, because it can be used to draw on, pinning notes as well as a surface for playing with magnets. Your fridge door will be free! You could incorporate this on one of the walls and watch your children’s faces light up!

Storage is key – so make sure each child has their personal storage space for toys. A multi-shelf unit would be great for keeping toys stored away neatly, and you can colour coordinate boxes or baskets for each child.

Showcase some of their best work such as paintings and pictures in frames on floating shelves for a personalised touch.

Floor space is important, that’s where young children will spend most of their time playing. Go for a large Kid’s rug and have a beanbag for comfort.

Although playrooms are primarily for fun, it’s good to have space for reading and writing or drawing. A fold down wall-mounted desk gives you this option without losing space in the room – and stationary can be stored here too!

Medina’s Best Buy:

MK Kids Interiors offers Playroom design services – contact us now for a consultation.

Medina’s Top Tips:

Ensure that your storage spaces vary for the different size toys. I recently spoke at the Ideal Home Show on Space Saving Ideas for Kids Rooms, some ideas can be heard on my live video.

Look out for upcoming blogs, I will be e-walking you through a fantastic ‘lego themed’ playroom I recently designed.



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