A Colourful Unisex Playroom

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On June 2, 2017
Lego storage playroom ideas

  A Colourful Lego themed Playroom

In February, my team and I had the privilege of designing a unisex playroom for a 1.5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl.

We wanted to propose a colourful and fun room, as we do at MK Kids Interiors. After all, it is a playroom and they won’t have to sleep in it. The room was generous in size; however they were some awkward sloping ceilings which we had to consider in our design scheme.

It was previously a bedroom, however there was an adjoining attic room. When I first saw the space, the creative juices began flowing and I saw a play house, with legos, a climbing frame with a slide, a climbing wall and a ball pit – this is exactly what I proposed and the client ‘loved me’ for it. On this consultation, I never met the clients, but I knew that they had contacted other interior designers, who were not creative enough. Most of the rooms we design for children are bespoke and unique, we do our very best to make it playful and fun, so that children can enjoy their childhood and get lost in a world of imagination.

I was nervous about my presentation with the client as I had never met them and didn’t know if they would like our proposal. But she loved it and wanted us to proceed! Yay!

Take a look at the before pictures, the concept visuals and the final playroom design. This playroom took approximately 6 weeks to build and an extra month, waiting on the amazing mini togos.

The room before the playroom installation

The concept sketch of the playroom

The final photograph of our lego themed playroom featuring our hot air balloons

Before photo of the attic room

Our concept sketch of the Playhouse and the bespoke lego cupboard

The final photography of the playhouse and colourful lego storage

The concept of the performance space

The final photograph of the performance space

The playhouse lounge area, where the children can watch each other perform, chill or read a book

These  safari art prints decorate the entrance of the playroom, accompanied by a modern rocking horse that leads into the lounge and play area.

The reading nook has lots of natural light; it was strategically placed under the window, this area features a pair of bespoke storage ottomans and our acrylic book ledges.

The view from the kitchen inside the playhouse. The hot air balloons are floating away in the distance over the custom built climbing frame with a slide.

I thoroughly enjoy working with families to create great interiors and this unisex playroom was no exception. If you have a room that needs help, I would be happy to hear from you.

Email us at info@mkkidsinteriors.com, or call 02032873722.

Have you also seen our video on the design and build process?

Medina xXx

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  1. Ayoola

    Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! Medina, it’s gorgeous. Well done to you and your team! Speak soon!

    • MK Kids Interiors

      Thank you Ayoola! Your feed back means a lot! 🙂



  1. top tips on creating the perfect workspace for home schooling and tuition - […] Keep it neutral, with minimal decorations, unlike the Lego Themed Playroom […]

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