The Power of Active Play in Kids Interior Design

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On December 13, 2023

A Journey of Physical and Mental Development The Power of Active Play in Kids Interior Design


At MK Kids Interiors we believe and practice; Shaping Dreams and Development through Active Play in Kids Interior Design

In the dynamic world of kids interior design, creating spaces that foster active play is a fundamental aspect of nurturing a child’s physical and mental development. At MK Kids Interiors, we understand the pivotal role that gross motor activities play in every child’s journey, shaping their abilities and contributing to their overall well-being.


Why Active Play Matters: A Holistic Approach to Child Development
Children’s Physical Development:


 Active play, particularly gross motor activities, is essential for the physical development of children. These activities involve the use of large muscle groups, enhancing strength, coordination, and motor skills. As kids engage in activities like climbing, swinging, and balancing, they build a foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Children’s Mental Development:

Beyond physical benefits, active play stimulates cognitive and emotional development. It encourages problem-solving, creativity, and social skills, fostering a well-rounded individual. By incorporating active play into their routine, children develop resilience, confidence, and a sense of achievement.

Lego themed Playroom Design with hot air balloons

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MK Kids Interiors’ Favourite Active Play Areas: Designing Spaces for Optimal Growth


  • Ball Pit:

Promotes sensory exploration and enhances fine motor skills as children grasp and throw balls.


  • Sensory Swing:

Provides a calming effect, improves balance and coordination, and stimulates the vestibular system.


  • Balance Beam:

Develops core strength, balance, and spatial awareness, laying the foundation for coordination.


  • Monkey Bars:

Strengthens upper body muscles, improves grip strength, and fosters perseverance.


  • Mini Gym:

Encourages a variety of movements, supporting overall physical development and cardiovascular health.


  • Climbing Wall:

Enhances motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities.


  • Rope Ladder and Slide:

Improves hand-eye coordination and encourages imaginative play.


  • Climbing Rope/Disc Swing:

Strengthens upper body muscles and provides a sense of achievement.


  • Step Balance:

Develops balance, coordination, and leg strength in a fun and engaging way.



Safety First: A Paramount Concern in Design


At MK Kids Interiors, safety is our top priority. When incorporating active play zones into your child’s space, it’s crucial to ensure:


  • No Harsh or Dangerous Elements: Remove any sharp or dangerous objects in the vicinity.


  • Adequate Falling Space: Provide enough space for children to move freely and safely, especially when engaging in activities that involve climbing or swinging.


  • Soft Flooring: Opt for soft, cushioned flooring to minimise the impact of falls and create a safe play environment.


Choosing the Right Playscapes for Your Child’s Space and Preferences

Parents, consider your child’s abilities, favourites, and available space when selecting active plays. A well-designed playroom can be tailored to match your little one’s unique needs, ensuring hours of safe and enjoyable play.


In the world of children’s interior design, MK Kids Interiors is dedicated to creating spaces that inspire growth, creativity, and happiness. Let the adventure of active play begin in a space specially crafted for your child’s development journey!

This holiday season, let’s come together and gift the joy of reading. Share this blog post with friends, family, and anyone who can find it useful. Together, let’s plant the seeds of acceptance, appreciation, and a brighter, more inclusive future for our children.


Ready for a Makeover? We’re Here to Help!


If you’re contemplating a makeover for your kids’ playroom, bedroom, or nursery but unsure where to start, don’t hesitate. We’re more than happy to offer advice or even embark on this exciting journey together! Fill out our inquiry form, and one of our experts will contact you ASAP. Let’s create a space where your child’s dreams and development can flourish!


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