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Written by MK Kids Interiors

On February 23, 2017

How to decide on a Nursery Theme

“I’m 28 weeks and so excited for my bundle of joy to come – but no idea how what theme to go with for the nursery! Help!” Rachel, London

Finding inspiration for your baby’s room can be daunting, especially if you’ve not done it before. The internet is awash with pictures of beautifully designed nurseries, but how do you decide which will work for you and your baby?

MK Kids Interiors has created a 3 step guide that will take you from confused dot com to nursery designer pro in no time!

  1. First things first – do you know the sex of your baby? Or do you want the nursery to be gender neutral? Think about whether you want to go with the classic pinks for girls and blues for boys, or if you want to think outside the box and keep people guessing! Two colour schemes that work well for girls are: pink, grey & gold and lavender, silver & baby blue. Adding a touch or grey & gold to a pink nursery or silver and blue to lavender give traditional baby girl colours a modern twist and edge!
  • If you’re having a boy, try pairing conventional baby blue with a rich, midnight blue as a feature wall, and accessorise with pastel yellows and whites. Or go with soft grey, navy blue and white for a stylish and modern look.
  • Using a pastel shade of green with white furniture and grey or gold accents will create a beautiful space that’s bright and airy and perfect for a boy or girl – or both!
  1. Deciding on your budget is important and can help you to prioritise when choosing furniture and accessories, or whether you will have a mural painted or prints framed. Decide on your budget! If you have a modest budget but really want to create the nursery of your dreams, make a wish/gift list for your baby shower, and have family and friends donate some items or you can get crafty and diy. Printing your chosen characters yourself and framing them gives you the feature you want without spending too much. Decals are a fantastic way of bringing character to your nursery without breaking the bank.  Fabric placed creatively adds luxury to a baby’s nursery without the price tag!
  2. The next step to designing the perfect nursery is to decide on what you want to feature most. It could be your favourite childhood character – like Winnie the Pooh, or create a fantasy world with woodland creatures like rabbits and bears. You can even use creative themes like ‘outer space’ – giving your baby a beautiful starry sky for a ceiling complete with planets for a dreamy night. Some parents prefer a blank canvas to decorate with meaningful quotes or bible verses.

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