6 Creative ideas for kids bedroom walls

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On February 3, 2015

Creative ideas for kids bedroom walls

Gone are the days of a fancy border as a treat or that one thing that adds a little spark to your child’s room. Without breaking the bank here are some creative ideas you can use in your child’s bedroom.

Wall stickers

Was stickers are very trendy at the moment. Whether it’s simple dots on the walls or Wall letters, these are clever ways to change the look of your child’s space. Vinyl wall stickers can be sourced quite cheaply online or you can have them made by your local sign shop. I love how simple dots can dramatically change the room.wall stickers

Origami Art

I’m a huge fan of creative activities for children and this origami wall art can be created by your child for their bedroom or playroom wall. It’s perfect if you don’t like too much colour in a room, you could paint the walls in a neutral tone; white or grey then add a master piece with bold bright colours  similar to these hanging origami pieces.origami wall


This peg board is awesome, not only is a feature on its own, it’s a practical storage solution and it can be made to any size you need. Shelves and hooks can be added anywhere. If you decides  that he or she wants a different look the pegs can be removed, and placed in different locations on the board.

peg wall

I like and dislike blackboards Because they are that space for children to use their imagination however they also suggest that children Can write on walls, so you may end us with a few chalkboards in the home.blackboard

Storage Wall

If you’re like most Londoners and struggle with storage in small rooms why not create a feature wall of storage with boxes for books and favourite toys your child can easily access.Wall Storage

Wallpaper/ Wall murals

Wallpaper on a feature wall can be aesthetically striking and great fun for your child. There are exciting ranges of wallpaper for children, from subtle stripes or stars, to the alphabet or their favourite cartoon character. If you can afford it I would definitely recommend a muralist, however if you are on a tight budget, there are bespoke wall coverings available at a lower cost.Star Wallpaper

Now that you have some ideas for your child’s room, get creative and share with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Medina xXx

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