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On February 15, 2015

5 Round Rugs for Kids Rooms

It can be a challenge, finding the right rug for a child’s room. I’ve been there, when finalising a designing a scheme. Here are five rugs that will fit perfectly in your baby’s nursery, children’s  bedroom or playroom.

kids round rugs

  1. Butterfly Circular Rug – £200, this washable butterfly rug is too cute, available in nude or vintage green with a diameter of 160cm, it will add that subtle beauty to a girl’s bedroom.
  2. Galletita White Children’s Rug – £99.26, with its diameter at 140cm, it’s the perfect rug for a little boy’s or girl’s bedside, will suit a gender neutral scheme.
  3. Olli Ella gumball nursery rug£249, this felt rug feels so amazing under your feet, your child will love it. Its combined colours of duckegg, lime, taupe grey and white is unusual but works well would suit any nursery giving it the desired lift.

    Don’t be surprised if your child uses it as a bed!

  4. Trio design rug – £130, these irregular shaped felt rugs will add the perfect splash of colour to a child’s bedroom, or playroom. Each piece is approximately 65 – 75cm.

  5. Gandia Blasco Caramelos Rug – £195, is extremely popular resembling candy, why wouldn’t it be? Its irregular in shape and is available in bed, black orange or turquoise.

    Just imagine it in your children’s playroom.

Medina xXx

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