How to use felt ball garlands to decorate your space

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On January 19, 2017

The cutest, warmest, and eco friendly kids decor: felt ball garland, was born while I was nesting, and preparing for my baby girl. I have been fascinated by pom-poms for a while now and have used pom-poms as a trim on Roman blind in childrens’ rooms. They bring an element of fun into a child’s, bedroom and it’s something that they won’t really grow out of. I saw felt ball garlands being sold by American artisans, but no one in the UK. So I did a little research on how garlands were made; the best needle and string to use, and started crafting. I love the wide range of colours that are available. I listed the felt ball garlands on my shop, I think it was three at the time and I sold my first garland 4 days after my baby girl was born. 16 months later I have made over 200 sales!

I’ve been asked:
What are they?
What do you use pompom garlands for?
Can they be reused?

Felt ball garlands, otherwise known as Pom-pom garlands are extremely versatile and can be used in many ways. Some of my customers have used my felt ball garlands as teepee toppers. Teepees are currently on trend and are used in children’s rooms. Children use tee-pees or tents as secret hideaways, a place to read of play. Tee pee are available in a wide range of styles and you can have a custom felt ball garland made to coordinate with your teepee. You can drape the garland right around the top of the teepee.

Pom-pom garlands can be hung across your window. hang each end over the end of your curtain pole, and let it hang with a loop in the  middle. One of our customers hung her in her home studio.

Use a garland to decorate your fireplace, or your mantle. This interior designer Claire Elise used our popular party garland to decorate her fireplace for Christmas, and she also used our all white garland to accessorize her mirror. The latter is such a clever idea.

A felt ball garland can decorate your display or party table. You will need to tape the ends to the table to hold it down, or place the ends of the garland under a weight.

You can hang your garland on the wall above your baby’s cot. You can hang them on the book ledges, or over picture frames as some of our customers have done. Hang carefully and keep out of the reach of children. Experiment with your garland and share with me. If you are on Instagram, you can see more inspiration here @feltgoodness and @mkkidsinteriors.

You can purchase your very own pom pom garland in our shop and with your custom requests.



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