MK Kids Interiors’ Felt Goodness range endorsed by Theo Paphitis

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On September 24, 2018
Medina King and Theo Paphitis

On September 4th 2018 was when it finally dawned on me that millionaire Theo Paphitis from Dragon’s Den endorsed MK Kids Interiors. As his eyes were cast on my stand at the Autumn Fair, his first word was “wow”. MK Kids Interiors “WOWED” Theo Papthetis! Happy Birthday Theo!MK Kids Interiors_Autumn Fair Stand

Ever since I began my journey in to the world of interior design, I always believed that my design work should speak for it self and does not owe an explanation, however, it’s never always that easy. When I heard it from the ex-dragon den’s Theo Paphitis, himeself; this was confirmation that MK Kids Interiors has been doing something right.

Theo warmly shook my hand and with genuine interest, asked how the show was going. He really cared. As I couldn’t  help but be honest. I said ‘its going great, however I am stuggling with pricing the product for trade.” Theo took time out to explain how the trade price should be. We are now working on readjusting our prices and looking into reasonable freight forwarders we can work with.

Medina King and Theo Paphitis

The oppourtunity to exhibit our ‘Felt Goodness range’ at the Autumn Fair 2018, was given to MK Kids Interiors by Theo Pathetis and his Small Business Sunday Team. We were one of the “best and most innovative” businesses chosen from hundreds.

Bella_Felt Flamingo Head_Felt Animal Head_MK Kids Interiors

Bella the Felt Flamingo

Our beautiful Felt Flamingo Heads Bella, Fern and Polly, made their debut at the Autumn Fair, and sure enough they were a show stopper; along with our new colour colours in the Candy Pop Felt Ball rugs and baskets. We also launched a new baby boy felt ball garland, which actually sold out at the show. We framed our Flamingo heads on the bagdrop of the Pip Studio Lady Bug Wallpaper, which was genrously sponsored by Brian Yates.

Polly_Felt Flamingo Head_Felt Animal Wall Hanging

Polly the Felt Flamingo

Fern the Felt Flamingo_Felt Flamingo Head_3D wall Hanging

Fern the Felt Flamingo

Our felt ball rugs, feel amazing under foot. Walking across the felt balls gives your feet a massage, a few people came by just to rub their feel on the rugs. These are the two new colour-ways; mustard and grey or pink and grey, perfect combinations for a gender neutral or a pretty pink kids bedroom.

Candy Pop Felt Ball rug by MK Kids InteriorsCandy Pop grey and yellow felt ball rugWe met many amazing people and are proud to have two new stockists! Please keep following us, for more opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a stockist, please get in touch at or call us on 02032873722.

Ballerina Art

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think about our ‘Felt Goodness range’.




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