The Gaming Bedroom

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On December 30, 2021
Interior Designer in orange tshirt and denim skirt in a dark gaming theme room lit with custom ps5 lighting

Interior Designer in orange tshirt and denim skirt in a dark gaming theme room lit with custom ps5 lightingBased in Tower Bridge this boys gaming room was a treat for MK Kids Interiors, we were given free reign to completely transform this overcrowded dreary room. Our client was in desperate need for more storage! We could even walk around in the room.

We initially designed two themes: a football theme and a gaming theme, however due to the current PlayStation buzz at the time and his love for gaming, we decided to move forward with the gaming themed bedroom.

black high sleeper bed with a black and white eat sleep game repeat rug designed by MK Kids InteriorsWe started our design proposal with a full width wardrobe and a high sleeper bed, that would serve multiple purposes for sleeping, gaming and homework.

As the wardrobe was the full width and height of the room we provided our client with abundant storage options from drawers, to hanging rails, to shelves for folded clothes and baskets if wardrobe with red stripes and smoked mirror

To create the ambiance of an arcade, we went for an extremely dark blue for the walls. The bedroom has existing trunking, which were an eyesore, so we decided to highlight these with a vibrant red paint, which we also continued to the front panels off the wardrobe doors. We highlighted the bulkhead with the same red creating a feature to encapsulate the bed.rectangular shelving- kids red shelving-corner shelving- MK Kids Interiors

Beneath the bed a completely bespoke gaming centre was designed with storage for games, and books, a space for our young client’s computer screens as well as a desk for him to complete homework. Additional triangular floating shelves were designed and installed in the corner of the room on the vertical column, also concealed in red.Black white and red kids roman blinds ideas by MK kIds Interiors

Opposite the bed stood our large bespoke PlayStation icons inspired lighting. Each Icon was approximately 30cm high and individually placed.  This special neon effect light was a dimmable cool feature of this gaming lighting triangle circle cross and square

Every wall and angle of this gaming room had a show stopping feature; looking up onto the ceiling one would feel as though they are in a skateboard park, with an LED lit skateboard flying above. This is a gamers gadget, with various lighting modes, from 3 spotlights to flashing coloured LED wheels, or a constant glow of our client’s preferred colour.

skateboard light, lit up in green

We installed a dark grey carpet to add a cosy vibe as well as a soft rug, to playfully encourage our young gamer with the words:

“Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat”

We chose a dark scribble effect fabric with a red trim for the roman blinds, completely transforming the window, whist adding that additional black out atmosphere for this gaming and white scribbles on roman blinds with a red trim

Check out our Youtube video here:

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