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On July 20, 2016

How to Design a Bedroom for a Teenager

As the summer term draws to an end, it is now the best time to prepare your child’s bedroom for the new term in September; especially if your child is about to start secondary school. It will be of great benefit to you and your child.shared teen bedroom design_MK Kids Interiors_childrens bedrooms

Every pre-teen’s bedroom needs storage; for their growing fashions collection which includes clothes, shoes, hats, (trinkets) and stuff! When creating storage it is also wise to consider future use such as your child doing homework, or coursework, books and files; these things are best kept in the same zone within the bedroom, in order to avoid frustration.
A comfortable bed with under bed storage drawers are the perfect hideaway for bedding, hidden with a valance will do the trick.

If space permits your pre-teen needs a desk place to do homework.that desk should have drawers space to hide the unattractive but important paperwork. Mid sleepers with a desk and drawers, or cupboards are great space savers if your child’s room is quite small.teens bedroom with desk and roman blinds

Think about the various tasks that will take place in the room and add lighting for each. Lighting is also important especially if there is a desk; you will need a desk lamp. Anglepoise lamps are a timeless practical option, with an array of colours you are destined to find a colour that matches your colour scheme. If space allows for a side table, there must also be a bedside lamp. Bedside lamps can also be hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall.

A pin board, white board or black board are great for notes and calendars, if not incorporated within the room’s design correctly can become an eyesore.Teens bedroom design_HBB Black board feature wall and side table lamps

A futon, or a trundle bed can be useful for countless sleepovers to come. The floor won’t hurt either. If space is scarce an option could be an inflatable bed that can be stored away after using.

At this stage children generally have their own idea for their bedrooms so it always great to get them involved as the design process may just overwhelm you.

If you need to book a design consultation, for advice on your child’s room email: info@mkkidsinteriors.com


Medina xXx

Image Credit: Chango&Co, Oliver Burns, NBB Design

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