May Design Series

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On May 25, 2014

The May Design series started with a long walk…. Eventually I arrived at the exhibition space within The Excel Centre. This was the second trade show I have been to since 2012.
May design series is filled with both contemporary and traditional furniture and accessories. Although I thoroughly enjoyed being a voyeur I wanted more. I may have been subconsciously comparing it to Pulse london! Which on the other hand was more modern and colourful. May Design Series however, made me come to the realisation that “I design interiors for children because I am a child at heart”. Captured by the game tables by Sam Leisure, I was beaten in a game of Air Hockey while reminiscing on my teenage years in Trocodero. I appreciated this playful approach to sales, as a baby and child interior designer I imagine how a child will feel, how they interact within the bedroom, nursery or playroom I design for them. After the game I was brought back to my reality: designing a children’s games room… Well, the project is actually an entertainment space for children.

Please indulge in a few of my favourite picks as I toured the May Design Series.

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