Bedroom styles for the whole family

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On May 23, 2014

Bedroom styles for the whole family

Whether you’re five, fifteen or fifty, your bedroom is the one place in a family home that you can really call your own and decorating your room is the perfect opportunity to let your creative juices flow and stamp your personality on the space. So if you’re thinking about livening up your child’s room or giving your own boudoir a facelift, here are some great style ideas for the whole family.


modern bedroom

Bright colours, bold patterns and contemporary designs will look great in both kids’ and grow ups’ rooms alike and will really help to lighten up your entire interior. To create a big impact with limited resources, place block colours and feature furnishings prominently in the space and ensure all of your clutter is tidied carefully away.


classic kids bedroom

Elegant contours, muted colours and timeless furnishings will help you to create a classic bedroom look that will never go out of style. Real wood and wood laminate make the perfect backdrop to a classic interior design, as do authentic sash and wood framed windows. If you don’t currently have sash windows in your bedroom, the London Sash Window Company offers fantastic deals and high quality products.


minimal kids bedroom

Though this may be a tricky look to pull off in a child’s bedroom, a minimalist style can look great in adult bedrooms, helping to create a calm and peaceful space for you to relax in. The key to creating a minimalist look is to install plenty of storage into the space as, without adequate storage, it’s impossible to keep a bedroom neat and tidy.


If you want to transform your child’s bedroom into a place where they can really express themselves, a DIY look could be perfect for your home. From wallpaper that’s specially designed to be drawn and painted on, to blackboard paint that allows your kids to create huge designs on their bedroom walls, there are lots of products available that allow a bit of self-expression when it comes to interior design. In order to contain the creativity, just place the DIY area in one part of the room, reserving the rest of the space for more conventional design. By creating eye-catching, stylish and personal bedroom interiors, you can transform your family home into a vibrant, colourful and fun place to live, showcasing your family’s style and your unique personality.

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