How to style a window in a child’s room

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On October 12, 2016

Styling a window in a child’s bedroom

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Dressing windows in a children’s room or nursery is a real design challenge considering that those core furniture pieces, curtains and accessories have a big influence with the overall atmosphere and must be adaptable as your child moves through various life stages. Nevertheless, this is your chance to really let your imagination go and craft your little one a living space that you dreamt about as a child. If you are planning to refresh your child’s bedroom these quick tips from can help you turn it into a fun and creative exercise.

Select a theme

A design theme can serve as a great guiding principle if you want to give any room a special touch. When choosing the theme, it is useful to consider whether you want to create a neutral environment or a typical boy’s/girl’s room. Other factors which play an important role are the age of a child, their personality traits and of course, their own ideas and preferences.


Select your window treatment


Window treatments help create an atmosphere and can be the ultimate finishing touch. Curtains can help you make your child’s space feel cosy and bring in a sense of warmth adding a softer finish to the window, whereas blinds can provide a much more practical solution offering a polished and contemporary look. Voile curtains offer a much softer finish and offer a modern take on the traditional net curtain providing a subtle hint of colour and light to a dark room.

Create your own mood board


A child’s bedroom is their own private den which begs for its own character. Mood boards are a fun and easy way of bringing your ideas to life so you can play around with different concepts prior to making an investment to decor and furniture. To create a mood board simply pull together images of furniture and decor you like and spread them on a blank piece of paper. If you’d rather stick to digital, head to Pinterest and immerse in realms of inspiration and pin away to create your unique board. Either way, visualising your room will allow you to mix and match different elements of your preferred design theme.

Colour match with key pieces in a room

To create a harmonious look in your child’s private space curtains should complement the rest of the bedroom furnishing. Once you have a specific theme in mind you can move on to selecting the main pieces of furniture such as cot/bed, chest of drawers, ottoman, toy box or table. Depending on your taste, the curtains design can either match the colour scheme of your furniture or create a contrast with it. For a better idea about how to combine colours in a room you can try using a colour wheel, a handy way to help you identify which colours can be matched together.

Don’t be afraid to theme it up and give your child’s room a magic touch which will brighten up their childhood days. Choose colours and prints which will stimulate adding character to their room. Opt for the Roald Dahl collection for dreamy and playful curtains to create a room they will love.

I would like to thank for this great article on styling your window.

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