Making Mini Christmas wreaths at Purple Dragon Play

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On December 22, 2017
MK Kids Interiors at Purple Dragon Play- with santa father christmas

Making mini Christmas wreaths

Mini Felt ball christmas wreaths

On the 3rd of December we joined Purple Dragon Play to celebrate Christmas with the children. We hosted our amazing Felt ball Christmas wreath making workshop. MK Kids Interiors at Purple Dragon Play-the entrance

Purple dragon play is a private member club for children, based in Chelsea. It’s is a great place for children and I love the range of activities they host for the children; swimming lessons, crafting, cooking, building, playing, dining. The interior design is bold and playful. My favourites are the playful orange and yellow vinyl floor and the engulfing pods, where families sit to eat. This is reminiscent of my final year university project.

MK Kids Interior at Purple Dragon Play - Dining Pods

Felt ball garland making is absolutely fantastic for parents and children to bond, as well as a great confidence booster for children. Our parent have said that ‘it is therapeutic’. This Christmas wreath making workshop was so popular, that children, broke their lunches to come to the class. This boy was so fascinated by our playroom design, he asked “is this a real room”. I was honestly so touched that our design was so captivating and had such a response! MK Kids Interiors at Purple Dragon Play- the wreath making workshop

A week or so before this event I added  ‘I have so much to offer’ to my affirmation and this photograph of me teaching encapsulates this statement. MK Kids Interiors teaching children how to make felt ball garlands_at Purple Dragon PLay-childrens interior designer

There is an actual person behind MK Kids Interiors, that does a happy dance – more like happy jumps, when we win a project. I started a business from nothing, no loan or funding, no referrals, just hard work, and persistence.

As well as hosting this fabulous workshop for the children, we also had a mini pop up shop, selling felt ball garlands and promoting our service. Parents were in awe of our designs and have registered interests in our services. Yay!

We are thinking of introducing our workshops for parties; a crafting party for children or a bonding session for parents and children. What do you think? Should we go ahead? I would love to have your honest opinion.

I couldn’t have captured this event without my beautiful sister. Thank you darling! And thank you Purple Dragon for hosting us.

And Santa… He was just being Santa! Happy Holidays to you and yours.


Medina xXx



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