Whats your favourite children’s room?

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On August 18, 2014

Today I’ve decided to explore what makes a great kid’s room. A child’s room should should reflect their personality. Which means no two rooms must ever be identical. With the rising trend in great furniture and accessory design, it’s always a pleasure working with your child to design their room. MK Kids Interiors have asked three wonderful mothers and business women; ‘What’s your favourite kid’s room?’

Name: Megan Butler
Title: Co-founder of MatchUpMums.com
I love this room – perhaps partly because the pattern used to make the giraffe looks like the curtains I had in my own nursery when I was a child!
I think that is a very clever and crisp way to introduce pattern, particularly florals, without the room looking at all chintzy.
I also love the wall colour, not an obvious choice for a nursery but it is looks calming and cosy at the same time – just what you’d want in a nursery.
The only thing I would change is the chair.  It is a lovely choice in terms of look, but having spent many a long night attempting to feed, read stories and even sleep in a nursing chair I would say you need something a bit comfier!

Name: Toks Aruoture
Title: Interior Designer at Punkin Patch Interiors
My favourite kids room has got to be the Blu bedroom. I like the simple clean lines, the white background and of course the playful motifs hand painted on. Who needs to count sheep when they can count cute animals and toys? This furniture set is great for a modern or traditional home.

Name: Sarah
Title: Owner of Designed For Kids
We love it because it’s great how four white walls can be made amazing with some hopscotch on the floor and bunting on the ceiling!

The ideas of what to do with your child’s room are unlimited. Here is one of our favourite rooms we designed for  little Jaeden. He absolutely loved his room because it was filled with his favourite things; numbers, cars and monkeys ‘jumping on the bed.

Medina xXx


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