How to design a Hammock Floor

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On July 18, 2018
hammock floor-hammock bed

We were recently presented with a challenge to build a hammock floor – above wooden beam, below a sloping ceiling.

At MK Kids Interiors our approach is ‘all things are possible’. At the consultation with the mother and daughter, it became more apparant that it would not have been as simple as placing a piece of net over the beam.

Photos of the Ceiling with Beams

Existing Beams and sloping ceiling

Little L (our client) loves climbing and her mum wanted her to be safe when doing so. They did not want a full interior design service and only needed us to design and install a hammock bed that would prevent Little L from falling and still allow her access up and down on to her hammock swing bag.

Climbing holds

climbing holdsInitially we were planninng to use approximately 4 pieces of netting to cover the length of the room. However this would have mean that the parts used to secure the netting on the beams would have been a hinderance for our client, when she was crawling across. We used nylon netting with ropes, screws, plywood, pine timber and climbing rocks.

Hammock Floor Netting

hammock floor-hammock bedOur design consultations were with both mother and daughter. Collaboratively we came up with a design that would work in this attic room of beams and sloping ceilings. It wasn’t easy coming up with a solution that would work, but our team (MK Kids Interiors) decided to create a mini mezzanine or cubby hole for little L to hide out on, with access.

The plan was to install climbing rocks on the side of the existing built-in MDF wardrobe. Trapeze rings would be suspended from the beam for swinging to the other side. A rope ladder would be fitted; leading to the cubby hole and the hammock floor. Then a hole would be cut giving access to slide down the pod swing. 

Watch the video of the hammock floor installation and let us know what you think, by commenting below. Please feel free to share the video if you like it. Our client now has her very own indoor playground and miniature gym. We received a 5* google review and permission to share the process of the Hammock bed installation and the reveal.

We are always happy to help busy parents design amazing spaces for their children, so please get in touch if we can help alleviate some of your frustrations.

Medina xXx

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