How to create a Luxury Kid’s Room

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On July 30, 2015

How to create a Luxurious Childrens’ Bedroom

Neutral colour scheme

Create a neutral colour palette with a soft tone of the colour/s you or your child likes.

Pay attention to details

Consider introducing embroidered personalised linen, textures of various fabric and layering, especially the cot. Layering fabrics, textures and cushions are always winners.layers of cushion and fabrics


An upholstered headboard always does wonders. It’s also useful to upholster your nursing chair and the pouffe too, this will give your nursery the desired luxurious nursery

Go Natural

It’s best to use natural wood for furniture. Linens and rich cottons for curtains, cushions and bedding. Roman blinds with long curtains is another way of layering and it also creates a sophisticated look.

Hidden and built-in storage

While it’s always nice to have a few of your childs’ accessories on show, there are many items that can become an eyesore in the perfectly designed nursery or bedroom. So create storage spaces for everything. Design a bespoke wardrobe focusing on the details; edging, door knobs and lighting.Luxury kids room with storage


Your walls can just be painted, or you can hang a pattern free, but textured wallpaper. However there are some patterns that are timeless and would work equally well, such as toile de jouy and stripes.

Any artwork or pictures should be framed, you can go for something slightly decorative.


Chandeliers are the ultimate luxurious nursery lighting, but how about creating subtle up-lighting to surround the bedroom. Gold nursery

Remember to add your personal touch to make your nursery or your child’s room  unique.

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Images were sourced from pinterest.

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