Hiring an Interior Designer to Cut Costs

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On April 27, 2014

Please consult a designer first before you do anything, you want to get it right first time. Take the notion out of your head that ‘designers are expensive’. Designers will save you money from doing something wrong, and having to do it again. Designers are happy to give consultations and suggestions.

I received a message a few weeks ago asking:

‘What do you think of magnolia walls, a dark raspberry feature wall and a deep red/burgundy carpet?’

I was actually on the go but my response was:

‘I don’t like magnolia, it looks cheap. If you want a luxury look go for taupe, a warm grey or even a less yellow shade of cream. Raspberry sound nice. Why burgundy carpet? I would say keep it neutral, or dark….its not necessary to match with the feature wall.’

Their answer:

‘Ahhh man… The room has been painted and the carpet cut.’

A designer has:

A sixth sense for quality

I heard Zig Ziglar say ‘Why settle for the get-by when in the long run the good costs less’. I loved it so much because it relates to how I see things. I would rather invest in quality so that it will last rather than a quick fix for now, which consumes space and amass to junk. As a designer I believe in providing clients with quality, because that is what I desire for myself. Yes Ikea is tempting but you are bound to be shopping again in a year or so.


Style does not necessarily equate to fashion. Fashion has its season; style will last. Allowing a designer to show you style will save you from trying to keep up with the Jones. A designer will know how to use lighting to create a Bang!

An eye for detail

A designer will think the work through, to the finest detail… how will the surface be joined? How will the light fit? What colour and shape will the screws be? How will the skirting be finished? How will the shower door work when the shower is on. These are simple things which Mr and Mrs Joe may not think about. The final outcome should always be in the designers mind.

Otherwise accidents will happen.

An eye to coordinate colour

The average Mr and Mrs Joe may choose colours that just don’t sit well with the eye or create the wrong atmosphere. A designer will coordinate colours that will create harmony and the perfect mood for each space. If Mr and Mrs Joe want a blue room they may paint the walls blue, buy blue furniture, and have blue curtains and blue floorboards, which is simply a picture of ‘KITSCH’. OK that might be slightly extreme but there is a fine line between pleasing aesthetics and kitsch.

Choosing the colours for the right environment is extremely important. Why will you choose to paint a communal space, a pretty pink that is suitable for a girls room?

The ability to give any space the best possible layout for suitable use and the ability to select furniture and accessories well suited for your space and use

Many people try to cut corners and costs ‘Doing It Themselves’ they choose the wrong furniture for the space, too big – there is no room for even one person to stand, too small – The furniture is swallowed by the room. They choose pieces of furniture without analysing the space; the floors, the walls, the ceiling. Taking these into consideration and taking simple measurements can save a lot of money. An artist cannot produce a painting without a canvas.

The designer will use the space as a blank canvas to create a beautiful picture.

Discounts!!! We all want that, don’t we!

Most designers will be entitled to trade prices and many designers pass this on to their clients. Its totally worth hooking up with a designer.

EXPERTISE – which pretty much sums up why you should dump DIY and hire a designer! It WILL COST YOU LESS IN THE LONG RUN!

For any questions or to book an initial consultation please email mkkidsinteriors@gmail.com.

We’ll be happy to get back to you!

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