Written by MK Kids Interiors

On April 7, 2014

These precious little gems first caught my eye on Instagram. They are by far the sweetest eye candy I’ve seen this year. Cute little ballerina’s in a variety of soft colours; pink, lilac, yellow and blue dance their way into the room from an illustration. These one of a kind creations are the perfect gift for any little girl’s bedroom inspiring them to dress up and dance.

Words from a woman after my own heart:

I strive to create pieces that tell a story in a way and I hope that my attempt at creativity when designing for kids also encourages them to create and pursue whatever it is that they are ambition about.

Fascinated by art and architecture from an early age Founder and designer Sarah began painting. However, with shared interest in the challenging world of mathematics and physics, she decided to pursue Engineering. After six years in the Engineering profession, Sarah took the leap to follow her lifelong passion of art and design.

The furniture designs were well received by clients and I decided to apply the same design concepts to smaller home accessories that would liven up any space in just the same way.

I designed various one of a kind accessories including hand painted cushion covers and shortly after the story of Shenasi Concept Kids was born!

I had an amazing time creating those pieces and I fell in love with one of my favourite colours; lavender, all over again… I designed many variations and introduced the 3D ballerina concept on cushion covers and wall decors for kid’s rooms.”

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