Top 5 Playroom Toys

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On July 2, 2018
Googy Rocking horse

Top 5 Playroom Toys

MK Kids Interiors helps busy parents to create the perfect nursery, bedroom, or playroom for the development of their children. Our interior design services are specifically for parents and children who have a particular style but just don’t know how to achieve it, or don’t have the time to spend hours searching for the perfect kids room decor, and coordinating workmen to complete the project. MK Kids Interiors offers a full ‘turn key’ service and  will do all the hard work for you; we will design the room, source the materials, paint and decorate, to give your child their dream room.

We have frequently been asked what does a playroom need? What toys must a playroom have? What’s the best way to design our toy room? Here are our top 5 favourite playroom toys.

  1. Teepee – The Nobodinoz teepees are great for their wide bases, which allows room for the family to camp out. There are a wide selection of colours, ranging from monochrome to poignant mustard making it easier to choose one to complement any playroom design scheme. Children love ‘secret hide-outs’ and love using tee-pees as a place for quite time and reading. teepee - playroom must have
  2. Googy Rocking Horse – Googy is Europe’s most popular modern rocking horse. It is abstract and quite organic in shape, resembling a four legged animal. However, the cool think about this modern rocking horse is that it is upholstered, and available are a wide range of linen, fur and suede fabrics. Not just for children, there is also a larger size comfortable for an adult at H71cm x W47cm x L95cm.The rocking horse is perfect as a statement piece in any room, however it is extremely comfortable for rocking while, playing video games or socialising.Googy Rocking horse
  3. Ball Pool – Ball Pools are great fun for children and even for adults to watch their children play. Ball pits are an excellent way for developing children’s fine motor skills. It also encourages them to jump, climb and most importantly, children are encouraged to tidy up. Children and their friends can entertain themselves for hours with a ball pool. Meow Ball Pool - playroom must have
  4. Jupidoo Slide – Probably the cutest slide on the market, its’ organic shape makes it attractive to the eye and seamless for toddlers to play on. Available in 4 colours including white. The white slide is perfect for any colour scheme particularly the modern trend of monochrome.jupiduu slide
  5. Climbing wall – Many children love the idea of climbing, and jumping. About a year ago, climbing walls were not so popular and easily sourced, however with Instagram and many families jumping on the DIY bandwagon, to create the most amazing ‘Instagram worthy’ spaces, climbing rocks have become more affordable. When installing a climbing wall, ensure that the wall is strengthened and can withstand the weight of a person climbing. Ensure the surrounded floor area is safe for children if they fall, this can be achieved with floor cushions or foam mats.climbing wall

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