Spring Shelfies: Childrens’ Shelves and Display

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On May 3, 2016

What is a room without a cute shelf display? Shelves are essential for additional storage and they are great for displaying all your child’s trinkets and collectables. Like technology, shelves have evolved and continues to excite! – Especially children’s shelving. I’ve always been a fan of organic forms so these hot round shelves are at the top on my list of favourite pieces for kids spaces.

Practical round shelves are quite dominant, with a set of three forming a great focal point in any room. It’s curve adds softness to your child’s bedroom and makes it quite playful; great for a nursery or a playroom. Round shelves can be bought on Etsy or as an alternative you could use this round shallow shelf for trinkets. round shallow shelves childrens interior designer

A popular set of kids shelves are the house shaped wall shelves which are available in a beautiful range of pastel colours. They pair nicely with wall decals and can pull off a child’s bedroom in a heart beat.

My new favourite shelves are from Rafakids, they are reminiscent of a skateboard with its curved edge. A couple of theses shelves on the wall can create a shelving unit for stones, shells or anything else your child likes collecting.

Book ledges have been popular for children’s reading nook. IKEA sold the best ledges for a book display which they have now discontinued. However you can use these clear acrylic book ledge which fits any colour scheme. They are available to pre-order from us. Email info@mkkidsinteriors.com.  This amazing room was styled by Little Liberty Rooms.

Once you have found your ideal shelves, the trick to styling is mixing what you display. Mix a small cuddly toy with, a few books and a collectable. Avoid keeping similar items on one shelf unless you are going for a retail display look. With garlands currently trending, you can also add a garland under your ledge if it is hung reasonably high, out of the reach or children. Here is one of our garlands styled by an amazing mum, we aim to keep you updated with how you can use garlands to style your shelves so follow us on Instagram for updates on how mums use our felt ball garlands.

Here are some brilliant shelf styling ideas for ‘big kids’ from Wayfair. Be inspired. Spring Shelfie Wayfair

We also offer a styling service, if you need to refresh your child’d bedroom with soft furnishing and accessories. For more information send us an email info@mkkidsinteriors.com

Love Medina xXx


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