Interior Design Workshop for Kids

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A fantastic fun-filled interior design workshop to get your child’s creative juices flowing and inspire them to design a bedroom they will love. There will be moodboard making, real paints, eco-friendly crafting and much more.

Shared in a series of 6 short videos, available anywhere in the world, our Award winning Interior Designer Medina King will take you through the creative steps to help you design your bedroom or playroom. Just in time to get you through the summer holidays. In this workshop I’ll will be covering the part of interior design, that I didn’t learn in university! 😱 We have a Free taster video available but you’ll need to sign up via the link in the bio to receive this! This workshop is supported by Lick who will be giving away a free sample pot to each students and Sanderson who will be helping with fabric and wallpaper selections. At the end of your course once you have completed your tasks, there is a competition to win an @mkkidsinteriors gift. There will also be a Free Consultation for our students!? How awesome! 😍😍😍

This workshop is no longer restricted by location, access and time. Book now to secure your place!


Interior Design Workshop for kids’ bedrooms

This exciting and colour-filled kids interior design workshop will take place online in your own time at your own pace. And we are proud to present it to our friends globally.

The benefits of our interior design workshop is, that it can be done in the comfort of your own home. You can pause and refer to previous parts of the video at a pace that is comfortable for you. For younger children, each point could be a task they complete per day. This is also the perfect solution for your playdates.

Module 1 – Decorative Design (this listing is for Module 1 only)

  1. How to make a mood board for children’s bedrooms
  2. How to combine colours for children’s bedrooms
  3. How to create art for your room
  4. How to make a garland
  5. How to use a scale ruler
  6. How to draw a floor plan

Accompanied by a workbook with additional simple guidance for each activity.

Module 2 – Technical Design (Launching at a later date)

  1. How to draw a floor plan
  2. How to draw elevations
  3. How to make a 3D model
  4. How to use the right fabrics/materials
  5. Create a design board with furniture incorporated.

There will be a competition for children to submit their designs, we will share them to our socials and vote for our favourite. The favourite design will win a prize. Details to be confirmed.

Each registrant get’s a free consultation with our Award Winning Interior Designer.

This workshop is suitable for all children, ages: 6 – 15 years old. The younger children may need adult supervision.

Workshop will be available from 25th July 2022.

Children will have a range of free wallpapers, fabrics, real paint, and felt balls to experiment with. Learn the trade secrets so that you can design an amazing space for your child.

Each child will learn how to use colour, make a fabric board, create a piece of abstract art, make a garland to design their dream bedroom. With this mini interior design workshop for children, you and your child will be able to create their dream bedroom at home. The course is divided into two parts and this is Module 1.

Each child will also make a felt ball garland to decorate their bedrooms.

Module 1 comprises of 6 videos and costs £149 per child.

A resource pack can be ordered separately, some of the item you may alredy have at home.

Alternatively you will be provided with a list of items in our resource pack needed for this interior design workshop, that you can source yourself.

This event is none refundable.

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Book Now. Once booked we will contact you for further information on your child’s room preferences so that we can better prepare for you.

This interior design workshop is sponsored by LICK and Sanderson.


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