Hand-drawn designed vinyl stickers for children’s rooms

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On March 14, 2014

Dunnock and Teal are a new company that designs vinyl wall stickers for children. All the stickers are between 30 and 50cm high, and made from hand-drawn designs. Perfect for any child’s room. I recommend stickers for children’s rooms because they can go on to many neutral backdrop adding a different dimension to the room. They can also be removed as your child grows out of them.

A few words from Talya the co-founder and designer:

“I started Dunnock and Teal with my husband Mark because even though there are hundreds of children’s decals on the market already, the quality is often very poor – they are frequently just vector graphics or silhouettes. I wanted to make something beautiful that looked like a piece of proper artwork, but was also affordable and practical – I had tried making wallpaper, but it just isn’t cost effective, and it’s a faff to apply!”

Indeed they are beautiful and unique. You have a choice of a field mouse or a mole, poppies or leaves. Why not visit them at Dunnock and Teal.

The stickers should stick to most flat, dry, clean surfaces: plaster, metal, glass etc. To apply them, you just peel off the backing paper and stick on carefully, starting at the top and working down. You can use a soft cloth to help with this. If any air bubbles are visible after application, you can pop them with a pin. If you make a mistake, it may be possible to peel the sticker off and reapply, but it depends on the surface, and how long it has been stuck down. I wouldn’t recommend doing this on a painted surface in case paint comes away.

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