Emphasising Comfort In Children’s Bedrooms

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On August 9, 2018
comfortable childrens bedroom

Emphasising Comfort In Children’s Bedrooms

After performing their core function as a place to sleep, one of the most important elements parents hope to achieve with their children’s bedroom is comfort. Children tend to spend a large portion of time in their own room, so parents wish to ensure their children are able to enjoy their space with maximum comfort.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options available if you are seeking to achieve the goal of a comfortable bedroom for your child. Below, we’ve put together a primer regarding the areas that most require your focus.

comfortable childrens bedroom

The importance of flooring underlay

For many children, their bedroom isn’t just a bedroom – it’s also a playroom. As a result, it is well worth taking the time to ensure you install high-quality underlay beneath the flooring of the room.

The type of underlay that you choose should be:

  • Specific to the type of flooring in your child’s room. If you have used carpet, use underlay that is specifically designed for carpet; if you have used laminate, use underlay that is designed for laminate – and so on and so forth. Mixing and matching is unlikely to produce the best results, so it is worth the specialisation.
  • Thick; this is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing underlay. Anything over 8mm should suffice, though a word of caution if choosing options over 12mm – it’s important to check there is sufficient clearance for the bedroom door to open and close when super-thick underlay is used.
  • New. Repurposing underlay will not deliver the comfortable result you are hoping to achieve.
Choose the right mattress and pillows

While children may not have the aches and pains that influence these choices for adults, they do still need adequate bodily support while sleeping. It is therefore important to take your time choosing the right mattress and pillows for their bed. When buying the mattress, this process requires substantial research; aim to spend plenty of time browsing reviews and see Mattress-guides.net/lull-mattress-reviews-complaints or similar prior to committing to a purchase. You can visit a store to try the matresses, but also find online reviews.

Conversely, when buying pillows, buying in person is preferable. This is because there are fewer factors to consider with regards to pillows, and the lower purchase price places less stress on finding the right choice first time. Provide your child with the opportunity to try different pillow firmness, though bear in mind there is no “right” choice in this regard – personal preference should always win the day.

Utilise a range of soft textures  

Soft texture is incredibly important when it comes to creating a comfortable bedroom for your child. Essentially, you want to create a space where all fabric and textiles are touchably soft and friendly to delicate skin. For bed linen and upholstery, this usually means opting for cotton; there’s a handy guide to understanding thread counts that may assist with this process.

If you have chosen laminate or hardwood floor for your child’s bedroom, it may be worth adding a soft, fluffy rug in the centre of the room. Many parents resist this idea due to concerns over the rug slipping, but this risk can be negated by purchasing rug grippers, or potentially even attempting this DIY anti-slip option.

In conclusion

With the above points in mind, you should be able to create a childhood bedroom that is as comfortable as it can possibly be, and which is fun for your child at the same time.

If you need any further help to create comfortable children’s bedrooms, please call us on 02032873722 or email us at info@mkkidsinteriors.com.





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