Children’s cafe: A place to take the kids

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On February 20, 2014

Yesterday I went to That Place on the Corner. That Place on the Corner is a lovely children’s café on the corner of Green Lanes in Newington Green (N16).  I am a big kid at heart and that place really excited me. They are currently refurbishing (almost done), but my eyes lit up as I opened the entrance door and stepped in. There was a small child safety door as you enter (extremely practical). There were mums, dads toddlers and babies, toys and colour. The parents seem to be really friendly. The children were in a world of their own, and a little one was celebrating their birthday (so fun).

The lovely Ginny and Sam were busy in the kitchen, but came out shortly after I came in. They were soo warm and friendly. I was in awe of the transformation that had taken place in a few months, I was in the café just before Christmas and its now mid-February.

The colours are just amazing, please be warned though (they are not the type of colours for your child’s room, if you want them to relax and sleep in it), but the colours work perfectly in the space. There is a combination of purple, blue, orange and green, balanced by an expanse of natural light coming in from the ‘windowed’ side of the café.

There were phrases on the walls accompanied by images, (a great way to capture the children’s attention and to teach them how to read). I loved the mini piano bar for the kids (aww, so sweet).

It’s a great space, with plenty of room for your kids to play; they host parties, as well as various events for children.

The menu is filled with variety and I’m sure you couldn’t resist those cakes.

I highly recommend this place for children.

MK Kids Interiors are pleased to be hosting a free coffee afternoon here on 4th March 2014. This will be your chance to try the tea, cakes and atmosphere of That Place on the Corner. To book please email:

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