Back to school room for teens

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On October 13, 2013

There’s so much to consider when your adolescent is starting a new school…. why not take a few minutes to be inspired….Image

Starting secondary school can be one of the most exciting or the most intimidating experiences of a child’s life. As a parent, it’s also very important at this stage to cultivate some essential skills such as decision making, organisation, and a keen interest in studying.

Where do you start? With your child’s room… children change drastically during adolescence. You may find that your child suddenly spends more time in their room. Why not transform their space into one that’s adaptable for this transitional stage.

Start with Organising

Storage is one of the most important elements in a space. It can make or break the space; it could be the thin line between junk and order. Gone are the days of buying cupboards and cabinet for main storage. There are now trendy and practical ways of creating storage such as book ledges, built-in-bed storage and wall storage.


Flooring and Cleaning

Although carpets are cosy and tempting, it is essential to consider spillages, and tough stains. Also if the carpet isn’t maintained properly after a while it will look and smell grubby. Engineered wooden flooring or laminate flooring is recommended and dressed with a rug if needed.


Walls can be papered, painted, stickered, and blackboard…the list goes on. Be sure to choose something that will be durable and easy to clean.  I like to encourage kids to leave their mark on the walls… Get your pre-teen busy; painting a piece of art, making frames, or even covering a mirror frame with fabric.


Space for friends

If the room size permits you might need to seriously consider a bed for a friend. You could do this with a cool sofa bed, or buy a multifunctional unit like the John Lewis Stompa Una High Sleeper with a chair bed.


Finally… Accessorising; this should be the fun bit. Get the pre-teen involved. However, before going crazy with too many fancy items, consider its practicality… and remember ‘it’s a child’s room’.

If you need any inspiration or design help for your child’s space drop us an email.

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