Art for Kids: 5 Favorites from Siggistardust

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On October 21, 2014

With a love for art, I work with children to create master pieces for their rooms. Although your child may create art work daily, here are 5 favourites from the wonderful artist and wall muralist we have recently collaborated with. When I first saw the amazing work of Siggistardust I was immediately sold. Siggistardust is an international children’s artist who works with kids to create a world of imagination made manifest in their bedrooms or playrooms through murals and illustration.

Magical Tree Mural1. Without a doubt, my magical enchanting tree mural which so many parents and kids love. I love it because I believe kids imaginations need to run wild, but with educational elements always to support their development. Kids love this so much because they see different things in it and relate differently to it from the age of 2 years old. As they grow and learn about wildlife and plant species they start to appreciate what’s in front of them more and more, especially when the tree is accompanied by a little illustrated educational storybook.

2. A kids measure ruler wall sticker
I think this is so fun and so useful, because it’s cute, arty and perfect for a kids rooms. When they outgrow it, it can be easily removed.

Beatrix Potter - Jeremy Fisher Framed Print3. Beatrix Potter framed prints from John Lewis.  So classy and non intrusive which suits many children’s bedrooms and brings a wonderfully quaint and charmingly English touch.

4. I think getting kids’ eyes acquired to art is important. It’s about finding which ones are more child friendly and finding the right frames. I love this idea for frames, and would chose prints like Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup, Picasso’s Maya With Doll,  Frida Kahlo’s Still Life With A Parrot and a Fruit. These are to name but a few.

Winter Forest Illustration -Children's Art Print5.Brendandraws’s art collection on Etsy.  I love his range and think they bring real energy to a children’s room. They don’t come in a frame as in the photo, but it’s definitely worth buying a couple, especially as the pictures are only £15!

Thank you Siggistardust for sharing your favourite pieces of Art for children.

MK Kids Interiors and Siggistardust are working together to create, magical spaces for children. We have collaborated to ensure that your wall mural works with the space and furniture. Call us for an interior design service +44 (0) 203 287 3722.

Medina xXx

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