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Written by MK Kids Interiors

On June 23, 2014

We’re delighted with our new product range for children’s rooms. It was inspired by the word ‘abecedarian’ I stumbled upon a few weeks ago. Abecedarian refers to those who are just learning the alphabet. When I was a child I loved learning the alphabet. I had a huge blue picture dictionary I took everywhere with me, until it grew tired and all the pages fell apart. MK Kids Interiors have designed each letter of the alphabet in picture frames.
D for David
This range consists of all 26 letters in the alphabet. It is playful yet stylish in appearance but designed as a conversational piece with a child and their parent. ‘Aa is for’… simply suggests it can be the first letter of your child’s name as well as many other words, beginning with the letter A. each piece is done by hand and will vary slightly. Each piece is approximately 18 x 23cm or 19 x 24cm, with the colour option of reds, oranges, blue, yellows, greens and purples.
Our framed art can be placed on your child’s book shelf, or hung on their room wall.

Our framed art can also be personalised with your child’s name and will be available for collection exclusively at the Northcote Road Summer Fete July 6th 2014.

What letter would you like to see? Email:

Limited stock available.

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