Pink Baby’s Nursery in Sunningdale

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On November 21, 2022
Black Childrens Interior Designer-MK Kids Interiors- black owned business designs pink girls nursery

Pink Baby’s Nursery in SunningdaleMaria Alejandras nursery- MK Kids Interiors-pink and neutral baby girls nursery

A baby’s nursery needs the following:

    • a comfortable cot for sleeping, we suggest cot beds so that baby can grown into it and use it up to 5 years of age.
    • a comfortable nursing chair for parents and baby, this chair will be used for feeding, comforting, playing and reading to baby.
    • a side table to rest bottles, refreshments, books, a lamp or soothers etc. on.
    • a changer unit; in this room we included a chest or drawer with the changer unit, some can be a cot top changer.
    • book ledges to nurture and develop baby’s literacy skills.
    • art; to beautify the walls, whilst encouraging positie affirmations from a young age.
    • storage; clothes, shoes and cuddly toy storage is essential for every baby’s bedroom.
    • thermometer, to ensure the room is at the right temperature for baby.
    • a nappy bin – yes you will realise the value when you start the nappy changing process. 🙂
    • floor space for tummy time, we like to dress the floor with a rug to provide extra warmth and comfort for baby.

One of our favourite nursery designs for the year. And it’s pink!!! We were asked to help a lovely couple design their nursery for the arrival of their baby girl. It’s been a recent trend for clients to ask for gender neutral nurseries.

Can you imagine the excitement when asked to design a pink nursery for a girl?

The picture below gives you a glimpse.

Black Childrens Interior Designer-MK Kids Interiors- black owned business designs pink girls nursery

Mum loved stripes and was open to the idea. We were initially torn between stars and strips.  I was concerned because stripes can be a little conservative – but not when you’ve found the perfect stripes for a nursery.

These were designer stripes – love at first sight. It had a mixture of pink, taupe and off white. The off white was colour matched to form the canvas for the other walls.

Pink striped wallpaper wall in nursery- baby girls nursery

We wanted to introduce textures as much as possible, to create a perfect balance, as most of the walls were neutral.

Introducing white washed woods for the cot and side table, we paired it with off white pieces as well as the complementary pink rocker (our client’s favourite) and pouffe.

Marias pink nursery-pink rocker and pouffe- MK Kids Interiors

Pink girls nursery with pink tutu on cotbed_pink striped wallpaper

Pink knitted baby shoes on gold round mirror against pink striped wall paper

Styling the nursery was my favourite part, I was overcome by broodiness because of cute baby accessories, clothes and shoes. I always want more babies when designing a nursery – as well as the urge to move into the well designed rooms!

Organised baby clothes-nursery design-MK Kids Interiors

Pink rocker in baby girls nursery-white wardrobe storage-MK Kids Interiors

With our strong belief in the power of words and affirmations, we try to incorporate positive words and affirmations into children’s spaces, because they will empower children and build their self esteem.

Baby girls nursery art sunningdale ascot-pink nursery- baby room designer-mk kids interiors

Peppy Lu- Sheep wall art- baby girl's nursery- wall art

Dusty pink tutu hung on cotbed- MK Kids Inteirors-Children's Interior Stylist

round white washed wooden side table-white washed wooden cot bed-pink nursery and neutral nursery-MK Kids Interiors

It’s an absolutely stunning nursery, and despite the many hurdles, we completed right on time for the arrival of princess MA. We are also grateful for our positive and patient clients!!! Thank you!

We would love to help you design a nursery for you and your baby.

Contact us now.

Photography: Jamie McLaren

MK Kids Interiors


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