Baby Shower Hosting & Baby Concierge

Baby shower design and hosting

We Love Throwing a Baby Shower!

We absolutely love throwing a baby shower! Our baby showers are always stunning and filled with lots of laughter! We offer a baby shower design service, where create your desired look. We can also offer baby shower hosting; which includes entertaining your guess, catering and cakes. We’ll create an event you’ll never forget, from table decor to the perfect backdrop!

Baby concierge service
baby shower service

Kids Consultation

Having a baby is exciting, and as a first time mother, you don’t always know what you’ll need until the baby is here. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what a baby will need and where to get the best baby products. We will buy everything you will need for the arrival of your bundle of joy. So we will handle the purchasing of large furniture pieces, to small items such as the best nipple cream. This service is perfect if you want your nursery designed and complete ready for use. So if you are a busy mother or you just don’t particularly like the idea of shopping our Baby concierge service is for you.

If you have just found out that you are pregnant, now is the best time to contact us, to start planning for your baby’s nursery.