Circu Bird Stool

£1,320.00 inc. VAT

Our Circu Bird Stool is a luxurious and whimsical piece of furniture perfect for decorating a gender neutral childrens’ room.


The Animal Stools collection promises to pique children’s interest in animals.

Made with a plush duck egg velvet fabric, this stool is perfect for a gender neutral nursery, bedroom, or playroom.

The side of the stool has a silhouette of a bird in a white lacquer, and finished with golden nobs for the eyes.


A perfect fit for a nature themed room or a whimsical fairy-tale inspired space for children.

Seat Height: 40 cm | 15.7″
Diameter: 42 cm | 16.5″

Wood, Velvet, Brass, Fiberglass Resin

Glossy lacquered, Gold plated.


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