How to Design Your Child’s Bedroom So It’s Perfect for Sleeping In

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On February 19, 2018

How to Design Your Child’s Bedroom So It’s Perfect for Sleeping In

Sleep is a necessary ingredient for a child’s development. Positive Health Wellness tackled some of the reasons why growing kids need lots of sleep, allowing their brain to store knowledge in terms of newly acquired skills as well as the need to process information. It also boosts their immune system so they don’t get sick easily. Getting the recommended amount of sleep also improves a child’s concentration, which can be very helpful once they start school.

It’s an established fact that following a consistent bedtime routine can help children get proper rest. But did you know that the way you choose to design your child’s bedroom can also affect whether or not your kids can actually fall and stay asleep?

Apartment Therapy discussed the psychology and science of decorating, noting that design should not just be about aesthetics, but also about how they have a personal impact on people. Certain elements in the bedroom can have a psychological effect on its occupants, making it easier or harder for them to sleep.

By changing your children’s sleeping space, you may be able to help them rest better. With that in mind, here are some strategies to make their bedroom more conducive for sleeping.

Change wall colours

According to the scientific concept of colour theory, hues have different effects on people. Certain colours can influence mood, making them happy, angry, or sad. Due to these potential influences, the colours can also spell the difference between getting a good night’s rest or tossing and turning in bed for several hours.

Leesa published a post on how some colours are more conducive for rest compared to others. Blue, which was also identified in ‘The Gender Neutral Room‘ as a good unisex colour, is also one of the best shades for helping put people to sleep. Other options include green and grey. Avoid bright tones such as vibrant reds and yellows, as these colours can stimulate your child’s brain, making it harder for them to relax.

Dim the bedroom lights

Bright surroundings can trick the brain into believing that it’s still daytime. Sleep Junkies recommends installing blackout shades or curtains to help prevent outside light from seeping into the bedroom to enable your children to rest better. If your children are unable to fall asleep without a light source in their bedroom, install a nightlight with a red bulb. According to studies, the light emitted by light bulbs is less stimulating to the brain compared to outside light.

Install storage space for toys

There are toys that make it easier for children to get some shut-eye such as a favourite stuffed animal, but just like tech gadgets that can be distracting, Healthline points out that too many toys can distract your little ones from resting. In fact, some studies have shown that messy rooms can make it harder for people – whether child or adult – to fall asleep, because there’s a subconscious message that is telling their brain that they need to clear up the clutter. Being unable to clean it up can lead to niggling thoughts that they need to organise their bedroom, and a state of continuous worrying makes it harder to fall asleep.

A good strategy is to install storage space for toys, and encourage them to put away their things before bedtime. Not only will this remove potential sleep distractions, this will also help instill a sense of responsibility in looking after their things.

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