10 Children’s Storage Ideas for Kids

Written by MK Kids Interiors

On October 9, 2014

There is never enough storage in a child’s room. Children are keen collectors of things; they get lots of gifts from family and friends, they have too much art and craft work from school, they have too many clothes, shoes and books, not to mention the random bits of nature such as stones, and flowers. Quite often a child’s room becomes chaotic, and all that’s needed is some organisation. Here are 10 storage ideas to help you to organise your child’s room.

FOR SHOES & ACCESSORIESShoes and Accessories

1. These Cotton Canvas Storage Bags from Cox & Cox are ideal for storing shoes, toys and other accessories. They are great for children who are naturally visual learners; each bag has an image showing what should be in each bag. I personally know many mothers who are dying to get their hand on such storage bags.

2. The female struggle of storing all the hair bands, clips and bows can be solved with the Mes Chouchous Hairband Box. Its also an excellent way to teach your little princess french.

3. Suitcases have become a popular trend in interior design, this Storage Suitcase Set means that your little princess can have a trendy room too. They are great for storing her toys and secret diaries.


4. This charming Baa-Baa Bookshelf won my heart when first seen. It’s available from Rowen and Wren in natural wood and black, it works as a focal piece in your child’s room, also a compelling way to educe tidiness- now, who wouldn’t like to dress this sheep?

5. The Ribba Picture Ledge is reasonably priced in black or white, stylish and it works in any space, its superb for toddlers as it can be placed at various heights. They are available in two sizes; 55cm and 115cm. They are extremely easy to hang and come with stickers to cover the drilled holes – so be sure to check the packaging before disposing. I’ve used it here in one of my favourite projects.

6. With ‘vintage’ currently trending, up-cycling furniture has been favourable among many and it’s also an excellent way to save money. When your little one grows out of his Radio Flyer Wagons why not give it a new lease of life as Melissa from Pure Heart did.

7.  The Calligaris Crossover Table can be bought in a range of different colours, with its amazing multipurpose functions, your child will never get bored. It can be used as a side table, seating and when stacked it’s a book case! Although slightly expensive, it’s worth it!


8. It creates the perfect side table with storage, available in red, white, black, and silver. There are other colours available online, even copper! I’m a fan of the Kartell Componibili, because it’s excellent for hiding the small collectibles, which probably has no place on the shelves. It’s big enough for a bed side lamp and its round, taking up less floor space. I have used it in a couple of bedrooms I have designed for children.

9. If you want a retro look why not this get striking Tall Retro Locker to add a splash of colour to your teen’s room. Choose your child’s favourite colour from bright red, purple, green, or blue. These tall storage units are always a winner when it comes to hiding larger items, it’s also great for storing toys and books.

10. The Easy Reach Storage Unit from the Great Little Trading Company is your child’s very own mini console table. With three drawers, and two shelves, you little one can take pleasure in reorganising their artwork, family photos or toys. Each drawer also has a blackboard label, which can be changed and decorated by your child.

If you need any personal hints and tips for storage in your child’s room, please call me 0203 287 3722, I would be happy to help.

Medina xXx

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